Cleaning Mirrors

On a clear winters day in the depths of Lothlorien, Celeborn and Galadriel were walking down a shady forest path on their way to gaze in the Mirror of Galadriel.

They arrived at the clearing where the Mirror was kept, and stopped dead in their tracks on the edge of the clearing. Pippin Took, a young hobbit and a member of the Company staying in Lothlorien, was in the middle of a verse of The Bath Song.

'Water Cold we may pour down the thirsty throat in need and be glad indeed

But better is Beer, if drink we lack, and Water Hot poured down the back!

Sing Hey!'

As Pippin was singing this, the Lady's eyes widened and her jaw dropped, though she barely heard a word of his song. Rather, she was stricken so because the stupid hobbit was taking a bath in her mirror.

At this moment, Pippin became aware of their presence. "Greetings, my Lord and Lady, he called out cheerfully, what a lovely bath this is, why I've never felt so refreshed! Did you prepare it, my Lady? No peeking now!"

At this, the Lady of the Golden Wood gave a strangled cry and fainted, saved from falling at the last minute by Lord Celeborn. Gently, he lifted her into his arms, turned, and carried her back down the path without a word. Pippin started singing again.