A Gleaming Pearl

Disclaimer:  I did not create any of these characters and make no money from writing about them...they are all Tolkien's work.  I just enjoy making up stories about them, as I've not gotten enough Lord of the Rings!

Warning: Graphic sex (though not "skanky"...no worse than your typical romance novel)
Author's note:  It seems to be rare to find heterosexual fanfics about any of the characters of Lord of the Rings...all of the juicy stuff tends to be slash.  I've decided to break that barrier and be original with Frodo, whom I love!  Pearl Took is an unexplored character in the series who I thought would prove to be an interesting challenge to write about, and she's around Frodo's age.
Part One

He shouldn't have come. He thought it would be good for him to take a vacation away from Bag End, relieving Sam and Rose of the burden of his pain for a little while. He wanted them to have the privacy they deserved, without his interference. Frodo did not try to get between them, of course, but he knew that Sam's attention was split between concern for him and love for his new wife. It was Meriadoc who provided the answer one day on a visit to Hobbiton. As always, Frodos shrewd cousin had easily guessed that something more than old wounds and nightmares was troubling Frodo. The former Ringbearer finally confessed his dilemma when Merry pressed him. "Well then, my fine hobbit, you should come to Buckland for a holiday! We can catch up on old times, have a good smoke and good songs!" Frodo had been hesitant at first, but then he saw Sam and Rose embracing in the kitchen, and his cheeks flamed. Yes, he needed to get away. He felt like an intruder in his own home!

So, here he was, brooding by the waters of Bucklebury Ferry. His large, sapphire eyes stared at the book in his slender hands without truly seeing it. He wondered if Merry and Pippin missed him; he had awoke early and left Brandy Hall before the rest of them arose. His shoulder had been throbbing of late, and the cold ache from the old wound kept him from getting a proper nights rest. Again, he thought he shouldn't have come here. He was only dragging his troubles from his friends at Bag End to lay them on the shoulders of his cousins here. It was hardly a fair trade, in his mind.

He stared at the water, slightly dazzled for a moment by the sunlights sparkle on the surface. A swim! Perhaps that was what he needed to clear his head and ease the stiffness beneath the stab-wound from the Morgul blade. Frodo hesitated, glancing around. He purposely chose this spot on the river Brandywine, for it was quite a ways to the nearest crossing, and fairly private. He almost laughed at his own hesitation. This was Buckland - the hobbits here might raise eyebrows at him leaping in for a swim, but it wasn't like most of them hadn't done it themselves! Feeling a bit better knowing he wouldnt have to deal with the shock that Hobbiton halflings would have felt, he set his book down and began to strip his clothing off. He left his underpants on, of course. The last thing he wanted was for a Bucklander to come by and get an eyeful.

Once he had undressed down to his skivvies, he eyed the water a bit nervously. "Perhaps I ought'nt do this," He said aloud. The thumb of his right hand absently stroked the stump where his third finger used to be, a habit he had formed recently when something troubled him. What if he entered the water and suddenly lost his will? He had been living in pain every day since the Nazgul stabbed him. It might be too easy to end his own suffering. Frodo considered his own emotions, wondering what the chances were of him willingly following his parents to a watery grave. "Stop being so foolish, Frodo Baggins! Don't let that mood come over you again!" He chastised himself. Feeling more confident, he waded into the calm river. There was barely even a current today, and the hobbit sighed and swam over to a boulder which was sticking up out of the water. Resting against it, he closed his eyes and let the water sooth his taut shoulders.

After a while, Frodo decided to turn over in the water and float on his back. The gentle current began to carry him downstream, but the hobbit didn't care. His eyes watered from the glare of the sun, and he closed them and listened to the oddly muffled world around him. He almost dozed (which would have been a dangerous thing indeed!), but there was suddenly a great splash just a few feet to the left of him. He jerked in surprise and accidentally went under for a moment. When he came back up, he was coughing and sputtering, rubbing the water out of his eyes and brushing his soaked, dark curls away from his face. He didn't see anything, but a pair of small, rounded arms abruptly encircled him from behind. He gasped in confusion as a high-pitched, female voice said in his ear, "Don't worry, Mr. Frodo! I've got you! I'll get you safely to the shore!"

Pearl Took, he realized. He opened his mouth to tell her he was in no danger of drowning, but her tugging arms actually hindered him more than helped him. He found himself swallowing water as she inadvertently pulled him under in her attempts to rescue him. Finally, his Elf-like litheness paid off and he twisted nimbly around to grab her wrists. "Pearl, lass! I'm fine. Please, do stop this before you truly drown me!"

Bewildered green eyes, almost cat-like gazed at him from beneath wet ringlets of honey-colored hair. She looked doubtful. "Are you certain, Master Baggins? I was taking my morning walk when I saw you come floating by, looking unconscious! You are coughing an awful lot, too!"

Frodo resisted the urge to laugh at her misguided, but endearing attempts to save his life. "I'm certain. Thank you kindly for the thought, Pearl." As it was a grin still formed on his lips, and she shook her head.

"Oh, that's just dandy! I threw my dress on the ground back there, and now its probably covered in mud and ruined! Stupidity really does run in my family!" Frodo was a bit taken aback by the self-anger in her voice. He rested a kindly hand on her shoulder, then nearly snatched it back when he realized she was wearing as little as he was! He swallowed and blushed scarlet, wondering if Pearl even cared that she was wading in the river with nothing but her underblouse and panties to cover her.

Not wanting to draw attention to the fact and embarrass the lass, Frodo murmured, "There, there. You aren't stupid, my dear. Impulsive perhaps, but I'd never call you or any of your family dumb." She stared back at him, grinning.

"Do you mean that, or are you simply trying to spare my feelings?"

Frodo chuckled. "Pearl, you forget that it was your own brother who had a hand in ending the War of the Ring. It was often Pippin's impulsiveness that helped us through." She smiled, and Frodo observed that she truly was a lovely lass, with her heart-shaped face and impish green eyes. He shook his head. "Old boy," He thought, "You're getting worked up over her lack of garments...get your head out of the clouds!" He winced as his movement caused his shoulder to throb, and Pearl noticed it and frowned.

"It's bothering you again, isn't it?" She said softly, and her fingertips stroked the pale scar with whisper-soft gentleness. Frodo shivered and stared at her with shadowed blue eyes. Pearl bit her lip and wondered if Mr. Frodo was ever going to consider a wife. Perhaps that was all he really needed? She caught herself giggling; she had never wanted a husband, so why was she entertaining such thoughts every time she saw Frodo? "It's because he's so bloody beautiful, I suppose," She thought to herself. Yes, that and something more. It wasn't just his physical beauty. There was wisdom about him, and it only added to his Elvish appearance. He was also so tragic and vulnerable! She suddenly understood why Samwise was so protective of his Master. She wanted to protect Frodo, too! He was shivering, whether from her fingers gently stroking the puckered scar tissue or the cold of the water, she could not tell.

"Come on...let's get closer to the bank, and I'll see if I can ease your tension." She said. Those gorgeous eyes widened, and the effect was slightly startling. She found herself staring at the sparkling dew that clung to his long lashes, and without even thinking about it, she reached her hand up from his shoulder to cup his chin. "No arguing, Frodo Baggins! I hate to see a cousin in pain. Let us go now." He mutely followed as she turned and began to stroke her way back to the shoreline. She didnt see the dismayed look on his face.

"What am I thinking, having these odd feelings for Pearl?" He wondered to himself as he followed. Not only was the lass one of his many cousins, but he also knew absolutely nothing of the art of courting. He smirked ruefully as he watched the smooth play of muscles beneath her small shoulders as she swam. For all his book knowledge, he was daft in the ways of romance. Once they reached a more shallow part where they could put their feet down, Pearl motioned for Frodo to turn his back to her.

"You just let Pearl ease those cramped shoulders, Mr. Frodo," She said as he reluctantly obeyed.

"Pearl, I do wish you wouldn't call me Mr. Frodo. It sounds so formal, and it's bad enough coming out of Samwise's mouth." He sighed despite himself as her small, strong hands began to stroke and knead his shoulders and neck, concentrating more on the side with the stab wound.

"Oh, pooh. We only call you that because we respect and admire you, Frodo. At least, here in Buckland we do. You're a legend around here, you know." He shivered as her breath whispered across his pointed ear. She noticed and giggled. "Am I giving you the chills?" She questioned, then purposely blew in his right ear. He gasped, and goosebumps formed on his smooth, ivory skin.

"Please, Pearl...that makes me feel odd," He said, with a strange catch in his throat. She grinned, quite certain just how it was making him feel. Frodo had the most interesting blush pattern...when he pinkened, it spread across his high cheekbones and to the tips of his ears, and she saw how flushed he was. From what Pippin and Merry told her, Frodo was innocent in the ways of love. Poor thing, he probably didn't even understand what desire was!

On that note, Pearl decided to be kind. Her natural tendencies to tease would have to be brought to reign, if she was going to give him any relief. She felt her own face flush slightly as her hands began to take note of the sinewy chords of muscle that slowly relax from her ministrations. His skin was as soft as hers...strange for a male. She inhaled the scent of his damp hair. He smelled like rain, with a slight hint of sandalwood. Her fingers kneaded the flesh of his neck, just around the base of his skull and his jawbone, and his head lolled. A strong urge to replace her fingers with her lips came over her, and her typical Took-like response was to listen to those urges before thinking. Frodo's eyes flew open and he froze in shock when he felt soft, feminine lips brush against his neck. He flushed as he felt himself spring to hardness.

Pearl smiled against his neck, noting his response and correctly guessing the cause of it. "Pearl...what are you doing?" Frodo said breathlessly. She pressed against him, and he bit back a groan as her soft curves met his back.

"Relax, Master Baggins. I told you I was going to take care of you, and I meant it!" Her voice sounded different...it was husky and almost purring.

Oh dear...what was he to do? He was certain it was wrong to let this go on, but at the same time, when she began to brush her mouth against his neck, he forgot all about his pain. Her fingertips pulled aside his wet curls, baring more of his neck for her lips to caress, and he bit his lips as warm tingles spread through his body. He jerked slightly as her hands slid down his shoulders and arms in a soft glide. Pippin was going to kill him. In fact; the whole Took family would probably string him up if they saw this! Picturing his younger cousin's shocked face, Frodo managed to pull himself out of the swoon Pearl's lips were causing, and he turned around to face her. "Pearl, we oughtn't bemmmffpht!"

Her mouth claimed his and muffled his protest. Oh, this really wasn't fair! Of their own accord, his hands cupped her face, fingers tracing the soft contours, and his lips parted. She eagerly pushed her tongue in and stroked the inside of his mouth with it. He made a soft sound against her lips and splayed one hand on the small of her back, pushing her body more tightly against his. Pearl purred deep in her throat as his erection pressed into her lower belly. She managed to control herself and not grasp his hardness in her hand, though it wasn't an easy urge to ignore. Gasping, Frodo broke the kiss and tried to hold her at arms length. "Pearl, I can't sully you like this," He said. His voice was quivering, and she looked up and saw that his gem-bright eyes had unshed tears in them.

She bit her lip and covered his right hand with one of her own, her fingers tenderly stroking the stump of his missing digit. "You won't sully me, Frodo. You keep forgetting that I'm only 7 years your junior. I reckon I've had more experience with these things than you have...am I right?" She reached up with her other hand and traced his sensitive, kiss-swollen mouth with her fingertips. He closed his eyes and impulsively brushed his lips back and forth across her fingers. Then he shook himself and gave her a stern glare.

"I can't do this, Pearl. I'm...I'm unclean. I wouldn't want any of the darkness inside of me to reach you." The tears he was trying to hold had begun to spill over, and her heart nearly broke with pity for him.

"Why are you punishing yourself?" She asked, her voice raising in anger. "Why can't you accept comfort from the hobbits who love you? First you run away from Sam, and now you're running away from me!"

He recoiled as if slapped, the color draining from his cheeks. "That is not true," He whispered. He was trembling in earnest now, fighting an eruption of emotion.

Pearl regretted her harsh words, and she pulled him to her and held him tightly. "I'm sorry, dear Frodo! Don't look like that! I just don't understand why you won't accept help."

He didn't move. He didn't pull away, nor did he return her embrace. "So, you did all of that out of pity?" He said in a thin voice.

Shocked that he would think himself so disgusting that a woman would only bed him for that reason, Pearl pulled back and gripped his jaw firmly, staring into those big, heartbroken eyes intensely. "Frodo Baggins, you can be so dense! Have you ever seen yourself? Do you know how many hobbit lasses have pined over you? Even some hobbit lads have! The only reason nobody's ever approached you before is because...well...you're so different, and you've never shown interest in either women or men. I took a big chance kissing you, because I didn't know if you wanted the attention. You're a hard one to read in that way, my lad."

He blushed prettily and looked down. "I had no idea," He said in a subdued voice. The water gently rocked them as they stood there for long moments. Pearl seemed to be trying to get control of her emotions, and Frodo cursed himself for hurting her. His gaze kept straying to her cleavage, where the white material of her underblouse clung to her body. He could see the plump roundness of her breasts quite clearly, and he stared in fascination at the dark nipples straining against the cotton.

He blushed straight to his toes when Pearl took his hands in hers and guided them to the twin mounds. "Don't be afraid, Frodo. You can touch me." The lapis fire of his gaze briefly met her eyes, questioning, and when she smiled, they looked back down at the softness in his hands. She sighed and arched her back, pressing her breasts into his cupping hands. He fondled her gently, almost reverently, and she bit back a giggle. His touch was so light and hesitant that it tickled. She decided to break the ice with a kiss. At first, his lips were slack against hers, and then he shuddered and returned the kiss hungrily.

Pearl gasped at Frodos unexpected intensity. His fingers gently tweaked her nipples and he bucked his hips against her, pressing his hardness firmly against her. His lips and tongue were searing and demanding, and before she knew quite what she was doing, she put her arms around his neck and pulled herself up, wrapping her legs around his slim hips. He groaned against her mouth and slid his hands down her body to cup her bottom and stroke her thighs. "Pearl," He gasped, his tone half-warning and half-desperate. She slid a hand between their pressed bodies and stroked his chest and belly, purring as his muscles tensed beneath her palm.

She opened her eyes and pulled back, staring at his face as her hand reached between his legs and stoked the hardness there. His sapphire eyes went blank and his lips parted. She grinned in spite of herself. "You're quite well-endowed, Master Baggins," She murmured, kissing his slack mouth. Then she slipped her hand beneath the waistline of his underwear and gripped him. He gasped, and she thoughtfully slid her body off of his, realizing his knees were probably going weak. "Just relax, pretty gentlehobbit," She whispered as his fingers dug into her hips and he groaned. He rested his forehead against her shoulder and she used her free hand to stroke his damp hair soothingly while her other hand messaged his penis.

It was then that Pearl realized just how innocent Frodo really was. "Unh...Pearl...nobody has ever touched me there before," He quavered.

She kissed his brow. "Nobody? Have you ever done this to yourself?"

He blushed, but nodded. "I...meant that...nobody else...oh!" Her other hand had drifted down and began to softly knead his scrotum. She gently squeezed the heart-shaped tip of his erection, and he hissed and kissed her deeply. Frodo began to undulate his hips instinctively, his breath quickening and hitching with the pleasure of her ministrations. It certainly wasn't like doing it himself. It seemed like his loins were more sensitive to her touch than his own. She murmured soothingly to him as his body began to grow more taut against her. "Pearl...oh, Pearl...I don't think I can..." He tilted his head back, and she kissed his throat. He cried out, and she smiled when his organ bucked in her hand.

"It's alright," She soothed as he hugged her to him. He gave a soft sob and buried his face in the drying ringlets of her hair. "There now, my sweet Frodo," She whispered, feeling a surge of love and protectiveness as he trembled against her. "Surely it wasn't that bad that you should cry?" She teased, kissing his neck.

He laughed breathlessly and pulled back, wiping his eyes with his fingers. "Forgive me...it was just such a release." He said softly, lowering his eyes bashfully. It was true...when he ejaculated, it was almost as though some of the hated darkness inside of him had been expulsed. He knew that wasn't logical, but he didn't care.

She smiled and brushed some half-dried, unruly locks of dark hair out of his gorgeous eyes. "Come now...let's get our clothing and get you back to Brandy Hall, before Merry and Pippin send out a search party." Frodo blushed hotly, and she kissed the tip of his nose. "Dont worry! Even if they suspect something, it's none of their business! I can make up something if it makes you so uncomfortable. Besides, I'm not finished with you, my lovely gentlehobbit." Her eyes gleamed wickedly as she gave his bottom a squeeze.

Part Two

Pippin was cooking mushrooms when Frodo and Pearl entered Brandy Hall. "Ah, there you are! Where have the two of you been?" questioned the youngest Took. Frodo quickly crossed the kitchen and reached for his pipe, which he had left on the counter the night before.

"I took a swim," Frodo said hastily as he began stuffing the bowl with pipeweed from his pouch. He avoided turning around; afraid that his youngest cousin would see how furiously he was blushing.

"You're wet too, Pearl, and your dress is dirty!" Pippin exclaimed. With a sly grin, he finished, "Did Frodo drag you in?"

Pearl grinned as Frodo coughed on his first drag from the pipe. "Of course not, Pip! It was the most amazing thing, really. I decided to take a swim myself, and who should I run into but Mr. Frodo! He was trying to ease his cramped shoulder, poor dear." Her eyes went soft as she looked at the former Ringbearer, and he hid his shy grin and focused on the smell of cooking mushrooms.

Peregrin winced in sympathy and gave Frodo an understanding nod. "I hate to think of that dreadful wound causing you pain, cousin. Mayhap Pearl can give you one of her wonderful massages after elevenses? She's quite good!" He frowned when Frodo bit down hard on his pipestem and hedged his brows together. "Whatever's the matter, Frodo?" Pearl was biting her lips to keep from laughing out loud, but Pippin had his back turned to her and couldn't see it.

Frodo coughed and said, "Oh, naught is wrong. I thought I heard a strange noise, is all. Where's Merry?"

Pippin's expression became impish. "Oh, he'll be along, never you mind that. He's bringing a surprise for you. Might clear up that full head of yours and make you smile again." The young Took frowned, and Frodo again felt that he was unfairly putting his own burdens on his cousins.

"A surprise? What sort?" Said Frodo, trying to keep Pippin's mind off of his suffering.

"Now, now cousin. You know it won't be a surprise if I tell you!" Pippin shook his spoon at Frodo with a laugh.

Frodo sighed. "Alright, keep your secrets. Let me help you prepare elevenses."

The look of horror that crossed the young Tooks face wasn't feigned in the least. "Oh, no...You...you're a guest here, Frodo! You go out into the lounge. Smoke your pipe, read your book, and relax!"

Frodo burst into spontaneous laughter at Pippin's attempt to cover distress with hospitality. "In other words, you do not want me to burn the food, is that it? Come on, Pip. I know I'm a horrid cook. If it weren't for Sam, I should have starved long ago." He swallowed a sudden lump that formed in his throat at the thought of his dear friend back home in Bag End.

Pearl crossed the room and patted Frodo's arm gently. "That's neither here nor there, Master Baggins. My brother is right; you're a guest here, and you should let us pamper you a bit." She winked at him, making the slight distress he was feeling vanish.

"Oh, very well," He said, and allowed her to lead him into the lounge, where she all but pushed him into one of the plush, comfortable chairs beside the fireplace. With a furtive glance towards the kitchen to make sure Pippin wasn't watching, she planted a quick kiss on his lips.

"You just relax, Frodo," She whispered, then she went back into the kitchen to help Pippin make the meal.


Merry arrived just as the elevenses meal was cooked, and his arms were laden with bottles and mugs. Frodo quickly stood up and relieved his host of some of the bottles before they dropped. "What's all this?" Questioned Frodo.

Merry smiled. "Brandy and Dwarven Ale!"

"Dwarven Ale? Why, wherever did you manage to find this here?!" Questioned Frodo in bewilderment.

The Brandybuck winked. "Well, that's the biggest surprise. A pair of old friends have come to visit. They wanted to check in on you!"

Frodo gasped in amazement as a stout shadow filled the doorway. Taller than a hobbit, yet shorter than a man, the figure's face could hardly be seen through the thick, braided auburn beard and mustache that covered it. "How be you, Master Baggins?" The dwarf said with a twinkle in his brown eyes.

"Gimli! Elbereth, I cannot believe my eyes!" Cried the hobbit, practically dropping the bottles he had taken from Merry. He had the sense to set the liquor down carefully before rushing forward to hug the stout dwarf.

Gimli laughed merrily and patted Frodo's back. "You're looking much better than I had hoped, young Frodo!" The dwarf said in his gravely voice.

Frodo barely had time to compose himself before another figure entered the hole. This one was tall and slim, and had to duck down quite a bit to get through the doorway. Sunlight glinted on long, golden hair, and deep blue eyes that shone like stars regarded the halfling gravely. "Legolas as well?! This is a happy day!" Exclaimed Frodo as the elf took Gimli's place in a warm embrace.

"It is a joy to see you, Frodo." Legolas said in his beautiful, musical voice. Hearing the tender concern in the elf's tone, Frodo burst into tears, much to his embarrassment. Legolas stroked his small frame soothingly, whispering, "There, there. You're among friends now."

"I'm sorry," Frodo said huskily. "It seems that all I do lately is cry and sleep. Oh, to be merry and carefree as a Hobbit should!" Legolas pulled his small friend into his lap and rocked him gently.

"Do not regret your tears, dear Frodo. I should be worried sick if you didn't weep often. It is a sign of healing, and it means you are letting the pain have an outlet. My friend, you are a rarity among your kind, this is true, but I doubt anyone, hobbit or otherwise, could go through the things you did and come out of it fine!" The others looked on with sad expressions, and it seemed they all nodded in agreement. Legolas carefully lifted Frodo and sat himself on the couch (for the chairs were too small for his tall frame). He held the hobbit in his lap and stroked his soft curls as he wept.

"I know this is going to sound mad, but doesn't it almost look like a father comforting his son?" Whispered Pearl to her brother. Pippin nodded. Coloring notwithstanding, Frodo looked so much akin to an elf that if Pippin were a stranger and walked in, he would think Legolas was cradling an elf child.

"I knew being near Legolas would do the lad some good," Muttered Gimli. "The elves seem to have a healing effect on Frodo...just as they do on Bilbo. Strange pair of Hobbits, those two are."

"Was the journey hard?" Questioned Pippin as he began to gather up the assorted bottles and jugs.

Gimli snorted. "It would have been a might easier if those Hobbits at the border hadn't been so suspicious of us! I practically had to spout off Master Brandybuck's family lineage to convince them we meant not harm. Not an easy thing to do, with how confusing you halflings family lines are to me!"

Merry laughed and clapped the dwarf on the back. "You probably frightened them, good dwarf! Seriously, we've recently had an incident here in the Shire, concerning big folk. We took care of the problem, but we've had to become a bit more careful when tall folk pass through our lands."

Gimli grimaced. "We heard news of that, and I'm sorry for your troubles here. If we had known sooner, we would have come to help."

"Of course, you would have, and you'd have probably driven them out all by yourself and left us with no fun!" Merry said with a hoot. Gimli grinned and glanced meaningfully at the jugs that Pippin was carrying to the kitchen. "Oh, right! Let's all have a drink to our friends and sit down for elevenses!"

Frodo had finally composed himself...in fact, he dozed off in Legolas's arms, and the elf had to gently shake him awake. "Frodo? Shall we eat?" Questioned the prince of Mirkwood. The hobbit yawned, then realized he had fallen asleep in his friend's lap, and a flush of pink spread across his cheekbones, making Legolas grin.


They ate heartily and shared stories of what they had been doing during the time they hadnt seen each other, and when the meal was finished, everyone returned to the lounge. "I say we see how much of this fine ale we can polish off!" Cried Pippin.

"Here, here!" Bellowed Gimli. Chuckling, Merry poured each of them a pint-sized mug of ale (Pippin had demanded they buy some from the Prancing Pony in Bree, deciding he preferred his ale in pints rather than half-pints from now on), and they raised their drinks in salute.

"To old friends and getting shnockered!" Said Merry.

Legolas laughed out loud. "What is 'shnockered'?" As Gimli poured his ale down his throat enthusiastically, spilling some of it down his beard, the elf grinned. "Oh, I think I know the meaning of the word now."

"We need a song! A good drinking song to fit the mood!" Exclaimed Pearl.

Pippin raised his mug, almost spilled it (for it was meant for larger hands than his), and spouted, "Yes! A song! Frodo, sing one of old Bilbo's tunes!"

Frodo grinned, but he shook his head. "I'm afraid my voice is no good at the moment, due to all of the weeping I did earlier."

"I know," said Merry in a sudden burst of brilliance, "Let's hear a dwarven tune from Gimli!"

The dwarf flushed and held his hands out, palms up. "Oh, no...our songs aren't as clever as the Shire songs," He protested.

"Oh, no you don't, friend Gimli," Laughed Legolas, "You aren't escaping this time. I fairly wore my voice out singing on the way here, and you never returned the favor. Sing a dwarven drinking tune for us!" Frodo and Pearl laughingly added their demands for a song from him too, and the dwarf finally stood up and cleared his throat.

"Very well, but only one!" They clapped and cheered, making his ruddy complexion turn red. He took a long swallow of ale, then began in his deep baritone voice.

The song was about a dwarf who came home heavy in the drink every night. He began to suspect something peculiar was happening in his home while he was away, for he kept finding boots that didnt belong to him, along with other items such as pipes and coats. Though the story in the song was clear that his wife was having an affair, the poor dwarf was simply too sauced to detect the lies she gave him. It was a hilarious song that had them all laughing until tears were pouring from their eyes, and they sang along when they picked up the verses a bit.

"'Ah, ye drunk, ye drunk, ye silly old drunk,

So drunk ye cannot see!

That's a baby boy that me mother sent to me.'

Well, for many a day I've traveled

A hundred miles or more,

But a baby boy with whiskers,

sure'n I've never seen before!"

Frodo promptly spit his ale out laughing as Pearl grabbed hold of Legolas and tried to lead the tall elf into a popular hobbit dance. It was such a ridiculous sight, for she barely came up to the warrior's hips as they stumbled around the loungeroom. Legolas got his hair entangled in one of the chandeliers and made an exclamation of pain, and Gimli barely managed to finish the song before he roared with laughter. "Oh dear, you're all tangled up!" Cried Pearl, her small hands covering her mouth as she tried not to giggle.

"Help, a light fixture has ambushed me!" Cried Legolas, though he too was laughing.

"Here, let me help," Said Merry in a slightly slurred voice. There was no way the hobbit could reach that high up, however. Stretched on his tiptoes, it still hung a good two feet beyond his reach.

"We should...pull a chair...over..." Gasped Pippin. Then he fell to the floor and rolled around, giggling helplessly.

As Legolas blindly groped at the chandelier and tried to free himself, Frodo ran into the kitchen to grab one of the chairs at the table. When he came back, he gave a warning cry. A tipsy Merry had Pearl on his shoulders, and she was clumsily reaching towards Legolas entangled mane. The elf gave a cry of pain as she slipped and snagged a small lock of his hair clean out of his head. With a shout, Merry fell over, and Pearl ended up clinging to Legolas's shirt to keep from falling as well. Now Gimli was on the floor as well as Pippin, and the dwarf was slapping the hardwood boards with helpless mirth. Legolas looked down ruefully as his shirt ripped open from Pearls weight. Chuckling, Frodo put his hands around the lass's waist and helped her to the ground. He swallowed hard as her body brushed against him, his mind conjuring up images of what she had done to him earlier.

Shaking his head to clear it, Frodo pulled the chair up beside Legolas and climbed onto it. "Oh, friend Frodo...thank Elbereth someone in this house has some sense!" The elf wailed in a mock-hysterical voice.

Frodo grinned and said, "Stop laughing, or I shan't be able to untangle you without ripping your hair!" Legolas pinched his lips, and Frodo realized the elf had little alcohol tolerance. He'd never seen Legolas drunk before! The elf's shoulders began to shake again, and Pippin's high-pitched giggle and snort set him off full-fledged. Fortunately, Frodo was able to untwist the silken threads of hair that had gotten lodged in the fixture before Legolas doubled over with laughter. Shaking his head, but grinning all the same, Frodo stepped down off of the chair and took it back to the kitchen.

They managed to regain control of themselves once more, and Pearl gasped when she saw the rip in the elfs fine shirt that she had caused. "Oh, Master Legolas, I'm so sorry!" She said.

His eyes dilated, Legolas shrugged and smiled. "Think nothing of it. Thish ish a traveling outfit."

Gimli poked the elf in the arm. "You're slurring! Ha! Nothing like a mug or two of good, dwarven ale to loosen a fellow up!" Legolas grinned happily and plopped down on the floor. Even in the cups, he managed to look graceful when in truth, he very nearly fell.

Pearl sat herself next to Frodo on the couch and leaned her head on his shoulder. Without thinking of what he was doing, he put his arm around her, and Merry's jaw dropped. Pippin saw, but the Took merely giggled again.

"Frodo and my sister, sitting in a tree," Pippin began to sing. Realizing what he was doing, Frodo blushed and snatched his arm back. "Oh, come on, Frodo! We don't care!"

Merry whispered loudly enough for the whole room to hear, "He needs a good shagging anyways!"

Frodo gasped and his blue eyes became as round as saucers. His whole body turned a delightful shade of pink as his friends and cousins snickered. Gimli inadvertently saved him from further embarrassment by suggesting they play a dwarven drinking game. By the end of the day, they were passed out in various places on the floor and furniture. Wonder of wonders, not a one of the hobbits took the time out to think about afternoon tea, or supper, or dinner.

Part Three

"Ooowwch!" Howled Pearl Took as she reluctantly fought her way out of sleep. "That dreadful Gimli...I'll never forgive him for bringing that Dwarf drink here!" She sat up to get her bearings, blinking her green eyes. Gimli was flat on his back on the floor, his meaty hand still clutching an empty mug. Snores erupted from the dwarf periodically, echoing through the spacious (to a hobbit) house. In a corner, Legolas sat cross-legged, seemingly in a trance. Pearl found herself highly jealous of the elf. No doubt he was easily cleansing his body of the impurities he had consumed last night! "Not fair!" Pearl muttered. Her brother was piled on top of Meriadoc cross-wise...she had no idea how the two of them had managed to pass out in that position, and frankly, she wasn't sure she wanted to know! The two hobbits slumbered blissfully a few feet from Gimli. There was no sign of Frodo.

An unreasonable panic shot through Pearl, and she stumbled through the house calling his name. She heard a sound down the west wing of Brandy Hall, and she followed it to the closed door of the privy. "Frodo? Are you alright?" Stupid question. She could hear him retching.

After a few moments, a hoarse, miserable voice answered, "Kill me, please," from within the privy. Pearl giggled and sighed in relief. He didn't sound as though his wound was troubling him. He sounded like a miserable, hung-over hobbit. He stumbled out a moment later, and despite the dark circles under his eyes and how disarrayed his tumbling hair was, he was beautiful. Pearl brushed her fingers through her own tangled, honey-colored hair and thought she must look like a hag. Frodo gave her a wan smile and hugged her gently. "I do hope you don't feel as awful as I do," He whispered.

She laid her head on his shoulder. "I'm not sick to my stomach, but my head feels as though an oliphaunt stepped on it!"

He chuckled and pulled away from her regretfully. "Sam used to make a mint tea when I was feeling dizzy or nauseous. Perhaps Merry keeps mint in his cupboard supply or garden." She followed him into the kitchen and looked through the pantry and shelves with him.

When Legolas spoke, both of them yelped, and Pearl winced at the sound of her own voice and messaged her temples. "How are you feeling this fine morn, my little friends?"

"Far better if you would announce yourself, instead of sneaking up on a body!" Said Frodo, though he grinned.

Legolas smiled and plucked a jar from the counter. "I believe this is what you are looking for?" Frodo recognized the leaves inside and blushed.

"Yes, it certainly is," Replied the hobbit, reaching for the jar. Legolas passed it to him with a twinkle in his eyes. Pearl took the teapot outside to the well in order to fill it, and Frodo kept his eyes downcast as Legolas regarded him gravely.

"You know, you are welcome to cross to the Grey Havens if your pain becomes too great to bear, Frodo," The elf said gently. "As a Ringbearer, you've earned that right."

Frodo took a mint leaf out of the jar and fiddled with it absently. "I know, my friend. I just...I feel as though I am leaving so much behind! Sam and Rose, my cousins...and..."

Legolas smirked. "And Pearl?" He finished for his diminutive friend.

Frodo felt his face heat, and he silently cursed himself for being riled to embarrassment so bloody easily. "Yes...her too. She has proven to be quite helpful. I cannot break her heart. I don't think I could break Sam's heart, either." He finally looked up at the tall elf, his blue eyes swimming with indecision. "What am I to do, Legolas?"

The prince of Mirkwood knelt down in front of Frodo and gripped his small shoulders gently. His bright eyes were compassionate as he said; "There is no need for hasty decisions yet, Ringbearer. You've got time to think on it. The migration of the elves will continue for many years." Legolas's face fell, and Frodo was astonished to find a bitter expression forming on the elf's fair features. "I, too have friends whom I cannot abandon so readily, though the sea does call to me. It is like being torn. Part of me feels it is for the best that I depart, yet another part of me knows I may regret it."

Frodo touched Legolas on the cheek. "I never knew you felt that way, my friend," The hobbit said, feeling his eyes well with tears to hear the elf speak his own heart's doubts.

Legolas smiled gently. "It is, perhaps, the reason you connect so well with the elves, Frodo. It was written in the stars that your destiny would forever change you. You are no longer quite like the other inhabitants of Middle Earth. Not even your own people. Like my folk, you are caught between the worlds. Elf-friend, my people name you and Bilbo. I now begin to see why, my dear hobbit." Legolas gave Frodo's shoulder one last pat and left the kitchen. The hobbit heard the door creak, but no footfalls. He couldn't blame the elf for wanting to go outside...the poor chap was cramped in this hobbit hole, no matter that it was a huge place to Frodo's kind. Did elves ever cry? He had never seen one do so, but the hobbit felt that Legolas was weeping on the inside.

Part Four

Gimli and Legolas stayed at Brandy Hall for another day, but all of the friends decided they shouldn't imbibe as much as they had on the first day. Poor Pippin had woken up positively green, and Frodo had gotten ill a further two times. Gimli endured his own hangover with typical Dwarf stoic-ness. Frodo found himself breathing a sigh of relief, for Merry and Pippin didn't seem to remember catching on about he and Pearl and teasing them. Only Legolas recalled the entire night, and the elf had the decency not to bring it up during his stay. Pearl, for the most part, managed to keep her flirtations with Frodo discreet. She'd occasionally pinch his bottom when the others weren't looking, or give his hand a gentle squeeze, but she refrained from being too obvious.

On the third morning since they arrived, Legolas and Gimli left the Shire. The elf pressed a small, rolled up piece of parchment into Frodo's hand right before he and the Dwarf started on the road. As he watched his two dear friends leave, Frodo unrolled the parchment.

"My dear hobbit,

You have the most gentle, kind smile.

Do not deprive pretty Pearl of it.


Love and light to you.

Your friend,


The hobbit found himself grinning from ear to ear as he waved goodbye to Legolas and Gimli. The elf threw a wink over his shoulder and mouthed, "Smile!" Frodo chuckled, feeling light-hearted for the first time in months.

"Well then, I suppose Pippin and I shall be off as well," Said Merry once their two friends had vanished over the hill.

Frodo gave him a confused look. "Off to where?"

His cousins shared an unreadable look. "Oh, to Green Hill Country. We've got some business over there." Merry replied.

Frodo became instantly suspicious. "What are you two up to now? Why didn't you travel with Legolas and Gimli?"

Pippin shrugged. "They aren't going there. They are stopping off at Bree, then heading North."

Frodo gave them both a searching look, and Merry laughed at the expression on his face. "Relax, my good hobbit! You'll have the hole all to yourself for three days...with the exception of Pearl. She'll be staying to keep you company while were gone." The Brandybuck gave Frodo a sly look, and he blushed.

Dear Heavens! Merry knew! Frodo quickly glanced at Pippin out the corner of his eye, but the younger hobbit was checking the shodding on his walking stick, and seemed oblivious to the exchange. Frodo was thankful that Pearl had gone into the house before his and Merry's conversation began, or he would be stammering and stuttering like an idiot right now.

"Don't worry, Frodo! Pearl is an excellent cook, and she's almost as much fun as Pippin!"

Hearing his name, the young Took looked up. "Ay? Did you say something, Merry?" Merry rolled his eyes and gave Frodo a wink and a pat on the shoulder.

"Let's be off, Pip. The road waits for no hobbit!" Whistling, Merry started off, and Pippin gave Frodo a wave and started after the Brandybuck.

Frodo shook his head and sighed. Sometimes he felt like he was in a dream induced by bad mushrooms, when he was around his two cousins. He ran his fingers through the tumbling curls of his dark hair and went inside. Pearl was whistling to herself and chopping carrots. "How does coney stew sound to you, Frodo?" She said. "I've got cherries for dessert, too." She gave him a once-over as she said the word "dessert", and he felt his pulse quicken.

"That sounds lovely, Pearl. Can I help with anything? I've felt nigh useless over the past few days."

She smiled. "You aren't useless, cutie. If you want, you can fill the stew pot with water for me and fire up the cooking pit."

He eagerly did as she asked, glad to have something to do to take his mind off of the things that might potentially happen between them over the next three days. His stomach was full of butterflies. When they had their...encounter in the river the other day, he was surprised that he wasn't overcome with fear. Things were done to him when he was a captive in Cirith Ungol. Things that he had never confessed to anyone. He hadn't lied to her when he said nobody had ever touched him the way she had. The orcs simply shoved him to the floor and used his small body for their enjoyment. He suspected that Sam knew, however. His dear friend had found him in the tower and stopped a whip-wielding orc from doing more than striping his body once, but he had come too late to stop the internal damage they had caused. Frodo remembered the gardener sobbing as he cleaned the blood from his pale thighs, and how frantic Sam was as he searched almost hopefully for a cut or wound that would account for the blood.

Frodo felt shame burn in him as he carried the pot to the well and pumped water into it. He grit his teeth and tried to bury the memories, not wanting to see them again. The question was, why hadn't he been afraid when Pearl's hands had worshipped his body so thoroughly that day? Was it because he was getting over the memory? Frodo bit his lip and felt tears forming in his eyes as he remembered a different night. He must not be over it, he decided, for when Hobbiton threw a celebration after the scouring was ended, Frodo had reluctantly danced at Rose's insistence. A young male hobbit had brushed up against him from behind, and Frodo became quite aware that the other hobbit found him attractive. He could feel his hardness press against his bottom. Frodo had stumbled away in a panic, shouting, "Stay away from me!" at the top of his lungs. He flushed as he remembered how Sam had dragged him away from the party and held him as he wept. What a scene he had made!

He finally deduced that his fear was directed at males making sexual advances towards him. It made sense, actually, and it was the only logical reason he could think of that explained why he hadn't reacted in terror when Pearl touched him. Certainly he felt nervous and shy, but from what little he knew of the subject, those feelings were normal to an inexperienced person. He finished filling the pot and returned to the hole. Pearl looked up from the cony meat she was cutting and smiled. "Thank you, Frodo."

He smiled gently back, feeling a bit more at ease. For now, her attention was centered on cooking, and he didn't have to worry about what he should say or do. He took the tinderbox from the shelf beside the cooking pit and began the work of starting a fire. It didn't take long...the wood was dry and caught fire easily. Frodo's blue eyes widened when he felt small hands suddenly caressing his bottom, just as he was about to straiten back up. He stood up and whirled around, then sighed in relief and chastised himself. "Stop thinking of that horrid place!" He thought to himself, and forced a grin.

Pearl wasn't fooled in the least, however. When she had kneaded the firm roundness of Frodo's rump, his whole body had tensed, and his astonishing blue eyes were round with fear when he turned around. Once he saw it was her (who else could it have been?), he relaxed visibly and seemed almost ashamed. The smile he gave her was sickly looking, and beads of sweat sparkled on his brow. "Frodo, what is it? You've never reacted like that before."

He flinched. Pearl was a sharp one, like Merry. As silly as she behaved sometimes, she could see straight into a person's soul. He hesitantly put his hands on her shoulders and rubbed them gently. "I'm sorry, Pearl. My mind drifted, and I was some place else...some place I'd never wish to see again. The memory came to me unbidden while I was filling the pot with water."

She had only heard stories from Merry and Pippin of the terrible things that Frodo had endured, so she didn't have an exact idea of what he might have been remembering. Despite this, she had a suspicion. His brief panic attack had occurred when she stroked his bottom. She bit her lip and looked up at him gravely, for once completely serious. Her admiration for him increased, in that moment, and she saw a wounded, yet strong and pure spirit lighting his fair features from within. "I'm sorry, dear Frodo," She whispered, softly caressing his lips with her fingertips. "I...I shall try to refrain from touching you without warning."

He swallowed hard and dropped his eyes. "Please, do not think it is you, Pearl. You are wonderful in every way." He blushed, and she smiled in adoration. His shyness was so appealing to her.

She planted a soft kiss on his cheek. "Why don't you have a glass of brandy and relax? It'll only be a little while before the stew is ready." He nodded and gave her a look of such sincere gratitude that her heart skipped a beat.

Part Five

Pearl proved to be delightful company. She finally gave in and began to allow him to help more actively in the kitchen, setting him to small tasks like chopping vegetables or kneading the dough to softness whenever she made bread. The dough turned out to be quite an interesting lesson, as she guided Frodo's hands with her own and smoothed it out with him. At one point, he found himself aroused and turned his face towards her. With his gaze heavy lidded like that, and his lips parted, she couldn't help but kiss him deeply. They nearly didn't finish preparing the dough, but Frodo gathered his self-control and managed to break the kiss. He tried to ignore the thundering of his heartbeat and the inviting expression on her face.

For her part, Pearl tried not to be too pushy. It was difficult. Here it was, only their first evening together, and she constantly found herself fascinated with the open V at the top of his white shirt, where it was unbuttoned and revealing just enough of the smooth flesh of his throat and collarbone to prove tantalizing, yet teasing. The sun went down, and they quietly ate their supper and drank a glass of wine each. He gazed at her with an unreadable expression, his lapis eyes shadowed.

"What's on your mind, Frodo?" She finally asked, unsettled by his wordless stare. Those eyes of his blinked, and he seemed to come out of a trance.

"Oh! I beg your pardon, Pearl. I was...um..." His gaze slid down to his half-eaten food and he blushed.

Pearl fought off a giggle, finally realizing that he had simply been staring at her. She took a deep breath. By the Shire, it was difficult to read Frodo Baggins! Any other male would have had a distinct expression on his face, and she would have known immediately that they were admiring her form. She went to spear a sausage with her fork, and when she looked down, she understood why he had been staring. The lacing of her blouse was hanging loose, allowing quite a bit of tanned cleavage to show. She fought a grin and brought the sausage to her mouth, looking into Frodos eyes as she did.

"Oh dear," He thought as she licked the end of the sausage delicately, her green eyes flashing at him. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, for his trousers suddenly felt too tight. "I should look away...find something else to look at, Frodo!" His brain screamed silently.

Pearl forced herself not to grin in delight at Frodo's obvious fascination with her actions. His blue eyes seemed riveted to her mouth as she sucked on one end of the sausage before taking a dainty bite from it. He wriggled a bit in his seat and parted his lips, not understanding, in his innocence, why the sight of her eating a sausage sent tingles shooting through his groin and belly. He managed to tear his eyes away and pick up his wineglass. He took a huge swallow, and nearly choked on it.

"Frodo! Are you alright?" Pearl said in concern as he began to cough. He held his hand up to indicate that he was well, but she still hopped out of her chair and bounded over to him. Her small hands pounded his back, and he started to laugh in spite of himself. Once a Took, always a Took.

He calmed himself and took her hands in his. "I'm fine, dear Pearl. I simply swallowed my wine the wrong way." She stared at him in concern for a moment, and he smiled to prove he was all right. Then he began to stroke her hands with his thumbs, and she leaned forward until their breath was mingling.

"You gave me a scare, Master Baggins," She said with a mock frown. He parted his lips and moistened them with his tongue, and Pearl suddenly knew how he must have felt when she was teasing him with the sausage. She pressed her lips against his and traced the contours of his velvety mouth with her tongue. When he returned the caress with his own tongue, she whimpered softly and ran her fingers through his thick hair. Then she pulled her mouth away for a quick moment, only to bring it back again.

Frodo ran his hands down her sides in a sensual glide, then rested them on her hips. He experimentally sucked on her tongue, and the result startled him. Pearl purred so loudly that it was practically a growl, and her hands drifted down his neck to his chest. Her fingers clawed at his shirt, and two buttons popped off as she pulled the garment open further. Heat flushed his body as her hands caressed the smooth skin of his chest, and he gasped when she stroked his nipples. "Feel good?" She said in a husky whisper.

He nodded, unable to articulate the sensations that were spreading through him. Her lips left his, and before he could get the chance to be disappointed over it, she began to kiss his jaw and throat, gently nipping him with her teeth as she did so. She lifted her leg and slipped her knee between his thighs, and he spread them automatically. "Oh, Elbereth," Frodo thought to himself, "I may shatter into a million pieces if she does to me what she did the other day!"

Pearl was pulling his shirt the rest of the way open, heedless of the buttons which were flying off in different directions as she struggled to bare his flesh to her desperate hands. Her knee began to rub against the hard bulge between his legs, and he moaned. His hands slid back to cup her bottom, and he began to pull her skirts up without even thinking about it.

Pearl knew she should temporarily put a stop to this. Frodo was so wonderful; she wanted his first time to be in a bed...not in a chair by the dinner table! The problem was, his skin was so silky against her tongue, and it tasted so good...like rainwater, she thought. To add to this, he had pulled her skirts up and his long fingers were stroking the back of her thighs in a sensual, soft caress. "Oh, Frodo...I want you so much! I might wither like a parched flower if you dont fill me!" She gasped.

Her words fanned the flames which her hands and mouth had begun on his body, and he groaned as his control slipped. A vision came unbidden to his head, and despite his arousal and pleasure, he blushed. He pictured himself lifting her up, sweeping the dinnerware off of the table, and taking her hard and fast, right on top of the table. He gasped, unaccustomed to feeling such raw, carnal urges. "I cannot do that to Pearl!" He thought, and tried to calm himself down. In his mind, the image was conjured up from the darkness within him. Surely that was no way to treat someone you cared for!

She noticed that something had made him uncomfortable. "Frodo, is your shoulder bothering you? Was I pushing too hard with my knee?"

His breathing was uneven, and his blue eyes burned as he looked into her eyes. Pearl was a bit taken aback. That gaze, it was so intense! It turned her knees to jelly and made her gasp. She sensed that her beautiful gentlehobbit was struggling with very strong urges...ones that he most likely was unprepared to feel.

"No, Pearl...you are exquisite," He murmured, his voice a droning, husky song to her ears. "It is just that I'm not at all certain that the things I want to do to you are...proper."

Her stomach did a little flip, and her breath caught. Though he was blushing, his nostrils flared with his gasping breath, and his lips were parted and moist. The intensity of his eyes was both frightening and enrapturing, and it did queer things to her body that she had never experienced before. A bit breathlessly, she untangled her leg from between his thighs and took his hand in hers. "Come into my bedroom with me, Frodo." She demanded. Part of her shivered, worrying that she had misunderstood. What if he wanted to hurt her? She scoffed at the absurdity of the thought. Frodo had never hurt a living being in his life. He would never do her harm!

He stood up and began to follow her, then stopped abruptly. She turned to regard him, and though the fire hadn't left his eyes, there was a worried expression on his face. "Pearl...you do not have to do this. I couldn't bear it if-"

She broke his sentence with a passionate kiss. "Oh, I do have to do this, my darling Frodo. If I don't, I'll wither. I told you that already."

She received no further arguments from him as she tugged on his hand and led him to her bedroom.


Pearl closed the door behind them and stared at Frodo. She reminded him of a cat who had a particularly delectable bowl of cream sitting in front of her. It drove him mad, and he had to fight to keep his breathing even.

"Tell me what you need, Frodo," She purred as she put her hands on his waist and kissed his collarbone.

He trembled and closed his eyes. Perspiration beaded on his face, making it glow. The sun had almost set outside, and the dying rays cast his features in sharp relief. Pearl was staring at him in awe, and a feeling of power swept through him. He had never felt powerful before, except near the end of his journey, when the ring had begun to gain a stronger hold on him. The feeling was at once exhilarating and frightening. He licked his lips and swallowed. "I...I do not know," He whispered.

She pressed herself against him and rubbed her body up and down, drawing a groan from his lips. She could feel every delicious contour of his frame, and her own breath quickened to match the gasping pace of his. "I think you know what you need, darling one," She whispered, and nipped his earlobe with her teeth. She slid the fabric of his opened shirt down over his shoulders until it was only attached to his arms by the sleeves. Her tongue hungrily licked and teased his chest and torso, drawing breathy sighs and moans from him. She smiled when she cupped the prominent bulge between his thighs and felt the small, damp spot on his trousers over the area. "Tell me," She murmured. Then she flicked her tongue out and circled one of his nipples with it, making it tighten up.

Unable to cope with the tide of lust surging through him, he gasped, "I need...I need to be in control. I want to ravish you, Pearl." Then he cupped her chin in his hand, forcing her face to tilt back. His mouth descended upon hers with bruising intensity, and his tongue thrust deeply into her mouth. She whimpered and put her arms around his neck as he pulled her tightly against him.

Frodo ignored the brief throb of cold pain that struck his shoulder as he lifted Pearl into his arms. He didnt have time to marvel at the surge of strength that infused his body...all he wanted was to get her onto the bed and out of her clothing.

Pearl felt herself lifted, and the next thing she knew she was on her back, lying in the middle of her large bed. Frodo's slim body covered hers, and his narrow hips settled between her thighs. He was pulling at the lace that held her blouse together, and when she tried to help him, he covered her hand with his and shook his head.

"Let me do it," He panted. She laid back and stroked his soft hair as he tugged and pulled the laces free. The blouse was pulled off, and Pearl was suddenly thankful that she wasn't wearing an underblouse, for his lips latched onto a nipple and began to suckle it.

"Oh!" She gasped as pleasure shot through her. Frodo began to caress the other breast with one hand, and he lifted his hips so that the other hand could begin pulling her skirts up. This certainly was unexpected! How much had Frodo Baggins been holding in, for him to respond so aggressively? She writhed beneath him as his hand slid up her thigh to her hip, the sensitive fingers seeming to know what to do, even if Frodo himself was unsure.

"I want to touch you...the way you touched me in Baranduin the other day," He whispered, his breath hot against her flesh. He unconsciously rubbed his throbbing erection against her leg as he spoke, and he hissed at the friction.

Pearl moaned. "Yes...please, Frodo!" She trembled in anticipation as his long fingers crept beneath her panties. Her breath hissed in and out from between her teeth, and she arched her neck and closed her eyes as those wise fingers of his began to rub her sensitive vulva in gentle circles.

"Is this correct?" Frodo asked huskily, his blue eyes searching her face.

It took her a moment to answer him, so good did his stroking fingers feel on her. "It's...delicious!" She whimpered, and she bit her bottom lip and trembled as an orgasm struck her quite suddenly. She cried his name and her fingers dug into his back.

His blue eyes were concerned as he watched her brow furrow as though she was in pain. "Am I hurting you?"

She tossed her head and panted, "No, don't stop, Frodo!" She rose up a bit and kissed him ravenously as her climax played itself out.

He smiled against her mouth, finally understanding that her cries and shudders were from pleasure. He could feel slick dampness lightly coating his questing fingers and her loins, and curiosity struck him. Once she calmed down and lay panting and relaxed beneath him, he experimentally pushed one finger between the folds of skin he was massaging, and he felt immense satisfaction that his theory was correct when the digit slid into a tight, warm entrance. Pearl lifted her hips against his hand and moaned as he explored her with his finger.

"By the Shire...are you certain you've never done this before?!" She cried when his finger amazingly found a spot inside of her that nobody had ever managed to find before.

Frodo grinned and blushed a little, understanding that he was doing something right. He continued to stroke the small spot of smoothness inside of her, and her breath caught. She undulated against him and purred, her hands gripping the bedsheets. He kissed her neck and kept going until her back arched and she shuddered.

Frodo's eyes widened in amazement, for he could feel her vagina clenching and relaxing around his finger. Sweat dampened Pearl's hair, and her breasts almost seemed to swell a bit as this strange phenomenon occurred. He kissed her tenderly, slightly worried about her violent reaction to his fondling. "Are you alright, Pearl?" He whispered.

She didn't answer him with words. Instead, she gripped his buttocks and kissed him deeply. Frodo groaned against her mouth and withdrew his finger so that he could remove her skirt entirely.

"I need you inside of me," Pearl panted, planting soft, urgent kisses all over his face and neck as she spoke. She lifted her hips so that he could remove her skirt and panties, and her own fingers were working at the fastenings of his trousers. The stubborn garments finally came loose after a bit of maneuvering and swearing, and they stared at one another in admiration.

Suddenly shy, Frodo bit his lip. "I'm not quite sure what to do," He confessed, lowering his sapphire gaze. "I have an idea, of course...but I'm not certain it is correct."

Pearl kissed his soft lips and murmured, "Cover me with your body, as you did earlier." He did so, and she sighed in pleasure from the feel of his skin rubbing against hers. She met his intense gaze and gently curled her fingers around his penis. She could feel it pulsing in her hand, keeping time with his heartbeat. Unable to resist, she stroked it a couple of times, loving the satiny feel of it in her hand.

Frodo closed his eyes and shuddered, holding himself still while she rubbed him. "Pearl," He gasped in warning, feeling himself getting ready to ejaculate.

She stopped immediately, understanding that he might not possess the self-control to hold his orgasm back. Her own loins throbbed with need, demanding to be filled. She cooed to him soothingly and stroked his damp hair to calm him, and after a little while, his trembling ceased and his breathing returned to a less frantic level.

"I think I am ready," He said with a sigh of relief, and he grinned at her. She returned the grin and spread her thighs wide, lifting her knees up.

Her small, strong hand gripped his erection again, and she said, "Push your hips forward, darling. I'll guide you in."

Frodo did as she advised, staring into her green eyes all the while. He felt her tightness against the tip of his member. Her vulva was resisting the penetration, and she winced a bit. "Pearl, if this is painful to you, I do not want to do it," He said truthfully. The last thing he wanted to do was cause this dear lass pain.

She shook her head and looked up at him sincerely. "No, Frodo. It might be a tad uncomfortable for me at first, because...well, you're a big boy." She grinned wickedly as his cheeks turned pink and he blinked. "Don't worry. It will only take me a moment to adjust. I promise you won't hurt me."

He ran one fingertip down her cheek and jawbone in a tender caress, and she turned her head to kiss his hand. "I pray you aren't telling a fib to please me, dear Pearl." With that said, he pushed himself against her again, a bit more forcefully. His earlier ministrations paid off, for she was well lubricated and ready for him.

Pearl gasped and clutched at Frodo as the resistance gave and his penis slid slowly into her body. Frodo's eyes popped open wide, and his breath caught in shock at the feeling. He couldn't stop now if she wanted him to! He stared down at her with the most exquisite expression of wonder on his fair features she had ever seen, and she moaned as his hardness filled her completely. Once he was in as deep as he could go, he held himself still for both their benefits. He feared that the sensation of her warm, damp sheath gripping him was going to drive him over the brink, or make him swoon. "Breath, you fool!" The more practical part of Frodo's mind snapped. He exhaled in a rush, then drew a great, gulping breath of air and trembled. If the pleasure wouldn't have made him pass out, the lack of air surely would have!

Once he had mastered himself (at least enough not to orgasm right away), Frodo kissed Pearl's sweating brow and said shakenly, "Is it better?"

She purred and slowly undulated her hips, her hands running down his body to cup the twin mounds of his bottom. He groaned and pulled back a bit, then pushed forward. "That's it, Frodo," Pearl gasped, "you're such a fast learner."

He lost himself then. He began to pump his hips, careful not to allow his penis to slip out of her, and he moaned and kissed her deeply. His passion grew, and before he realized what he was doing, he captured her wrists and pinned her arms above her head.

Instead of frightening her, his subduing of her made her wanton with excitement. Pearl cried his name and locked her legs around his waist, coaxing him to greater passion. His long, deep thrusts increased in speed and his teeth nibbled the soft skin of her neck. "Frodo," She panted, "My darling Frodo!"

Breathless with pleasure and carnal urges, he could only manage a soft growl in response. She arched against him, her imprisoned hands grasping his tightly, and he bucked his hips sharply, making her cry out. Horrified, he stopped and looked at her with grave concern. "Did I hurt you, Pearl?" He said raggedly.

"No...Don't stop! Please..." She whimpered, and he needed no further urging. Their hands were locked together as tightly as their bodies, and their breathless cries mingled until it sounded like a bizarre duet. Pearl moaned in frustration, wanting to touch his body, but he wouldn't free her hands from his grasp. His mouth covered hers and his tongue thrust in synch with his manhood. She truly thought she would lose her mind from the pleasure.

Frodo finally released her hands and rose on his elbows to stare down at her with a half-bewildered expression. His expressive, blue eyes rolled slightly before the lids came down to conceal them, and he grunted breathlessly as his seed spurted. She sighed in contentment and stroked his damp bangs away from his eyes as his penis bucked within her. "Pearl," He whimpered, and collapsed on top of her, breathing raggedly.

They lay there for a few moments, with Frodo resting his forehead against her shoulder, and Pearl caressing his back and murmuring endearments to him. After a bit, he recovered and carefully slipped out of her body, then he rolled onto his side and embraced her, kissing her softly. "If I had known it was like that, I might have been more inclined to flirt with lasses than to read books," He murmured, only partially joking.

Pearl giggled and kissed his chest. "If I had known you had such a knack for lovemaking, I might have kidnapped you and kept you all to myself long ago, Mr. Baggins."