Strip Poker in Lord of the Rings

Strip Poker, LotR style

"Read 'em and weep fellas. Full house," Eomer said, grinning mischievously.

"I can't believe it, I just got my tail knocked into the mud by my own brother," Eowyn moaned.

"Yeah, baby. Take it off!" yelled a very drunk and half-dressed Aragorn, before being elbowed by Arwen who was also somewhat lacking in clothing.

Eowyn made a big show of taking off her silver belt; swinging it around and tossing it onto Faramir, who was missing several articles of clothing.

The "Fellowship of the Cards" had been playing strip poker for about an hour or so, and the only two people who still had most of their clothes were Eowyn and Eomer. If the rest of the fellowship - which by the way also included Radagast, Gloin, Haldir, Rosie Cotton and Bill the Pony had not been so drunk, they might have noticed the siblings' blatant cheating. But as it was, their wits were dulled and they barely noticed each other, much less any signs of cheating. Another hand was dealt. Most of them folded, and Bill the Pony ended up losing his saddle to Eowyn's five of a kind.