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Can You Truly Say?
Tolkien Fanfiction

A/N: I dunno if you'd consider this a fic or poetry. Why? Well, first off, in English class, we had to write this thing called a Persona Poem. I thought it meant a poem based on a person's point of view, so I chose Pippin. Only after I had finished the assignment did I learn that I had misinterpreted it IE I had done it totally wrong. Dang. But I kinda liked what I came up with so I decided to post it here. I think people need to realize that Pippin can be serious and- well, you'll see when you read it. It's not that good, but its ok. Please try not to flame me. I'm a very sensitive person.
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See? Even Weird Al knows! lol j/k ^~ But please, read, review, and be gentle.
Disclaimer: I don't own LOTR, Pippin (DANGIT), or any of that stuff. It all belongs to Tolkien. He's the genius, not me. ("ME A GENIUS? NEVER!")

I look at myself in the mirror
And see the reflection
Of my curly brown hair that hangs lazily about
My "plain" brown eyes
And I see my weather worn brown coat
My white shirt and red vest
A green scarf and a pocketwatch
And a wooden pipe in my hand
"He's just a hobbit."
That's what people say
"Just a silly little halfling
What does he know anyway?
What would he know of magic?
Of dwarves, elves, and men?
What would he know of death and battle?
He could never live through them."
Well do you remember those eyes?
Those plain brown eyes, as you called them?
Eyes that have seen
Things I never wished to see
Things I wept and mourned for
And things I cried in joy for
They've seen battles
They've seen magic
They've seen elves and dwarves and men
And do you know what else they've seen?
I've seen men, full grown men like yourself
Get down on their knees and cry
Knowing this may be the day they die
I've seen women and children
Cry and call out in the night
Waiting for their husbands and fathers
To come home. Most never will
And do you know what else?
What else this silly little halfling's done?
I've stared death straight in the face
And thought I'd never breathe again
Never see daylight or the sun set
In a quiet summer's eve
So tell me, can you truly stand there
Can you truly stand there and say
That I'm silly and know of nothing?
That anyone is silly and knows of nothing?
That they've never seen
They have eyes that have never seen
The glow of magic, that shines like metal
Of Elves and dwarves and men in battle
And stared death straight in the eye
And told yourself "I am to die."
Can you?
Can you say that?
No, you can't
So the very next time
That you choose to say that
Take a look in the mirror
At your reflection
And ask yourself that very same question
And see what you see.