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Blanton Cirith
Tolkien Fanfiction

Salutations. I'm a lunatic Lord of the Rings fan from MD (no, not Mountain Dew! *sigh*). I have a soft spot for Switzerland, Haldir Sundaes, the mall (hold me back!!), really good movies, and Legolas!

Middle-earth Online!

Rating: PG
Genre: Humour
Summary: The Fellowship in a chatroom! Rated PG for language.

Halloween At Aragorn's

Rating: PG
Genre: Humour
Summary: The Fellowship throws a Halloween party at Aragorn's place.

Beginning of the Fellowship

Genre: General
Rating: G
Summary: My idea of how the Fellowship may have been when it started out. (I love having Gandalf insult Pippin. It's fun to write about.)

Quotes for LotR

Rating: G
Genre: Humor
Summary: Some stupid thing I did late one night. Quotes from different places that seem to apply to characters...

Return to Bree

Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Romance (Slash)
Summary: (In Progress)Terror and murder strikes Bree, and Legolas and Aragorn are caught in the middle.


Leggo my Leggo!

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