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Church Boys
Tolkien Fanfiction

Church Boys

I strode into church will my family falling behind. We only went once a year, and this had to be the day. It was Christmas Eve, and I was personally preparing myself for a bore. I knew the stories, the ideas, the facts. I just wanted to go home and go to bed, so I could open my presents sooner than later. After all, the Church basically condemned me already, so why should I even waste my time?
We walked inside, me having a coat, I fell to the rear of our pack of four - my mother, father, brother, and of course, myself. As we exited the coat room, and went into the real part of the church, I scanned the room for people I knew, or people I might've wanted to know. It wasn't until we finally took our seats that I spotted him, in the pew before me, with his little sister at his side.
My father sat next to me, so I did not stare. However, the body directly before me, one pew up, was hard to pull my eyes from. His dirty blonde hair lay snugly on his head, and, through his dress shirt, I could see muscular arms flexing as he reached for his Bible. As he turned his head to survey the enterance, I discovered, to my delight, that he was cute, too. Looking back a bit further, I accidentally caught his eye. I looked away quickly, as did he. Luckily, my father didn't see, nor did I think the guy had an idea of what I was thinking. 
I smoothed down my pants and straightened my tie nervously as the priest walked past. He grinned widely at me, and I faked a smile. The boy in front of me nodded to the priest, and then faced forward. His family, to his side, looked very serious. I hoped he wasn't.
The priest reached the altar, and brought the congregation to order. He began the service with a prayer, and we all knelt in unison. I resigned myself again to a boring service, but, upon looking before me, I found before me a beautiful sight. The cute guy, who I had admired before, has knelt like all the rest, allowing me to view him in totality over the top of the pew in front of me. His pants, tight and smooth, hugged the top of his legs like a glove, exposing his beautiful, round, luxurious...
"Please stand for our first hymn."

I quickly broke my concentration from his beautiful form, and grabbed my hymninal. Holding it before me, I quickly turned to the appropriate page, and began to sing. My father sang loudly to my left, and I sighed inside. But then, again, to my surprise, I found myself astounded by the beauty before me.
In standing, I found the boy's pants to be as tight as before. I drooled through my song as I stared from under my hymnal book, being sure not to look as if I was doing anything but reading the words. My father didn't notice. When the song ended, I sat down, and tried to stop myself from becoming too excited. After all, I was wearing tight pants, too. 
I waited and waited, unable to see anything as the priest went on and on about upcoming Church events. All I could see was the back of the boys head, which, while nice, was hardly what I was looking for. I was close to sleep when he and his family rose in front of me, and strode to the altar, where the priest greeted them. Glancing at the schedule I was given upon entering the church, I found our place, and read it quickly.
Reciting of the Lord's Prayer by the Thompson Family, Paul, Sarah, Nick and Laura

I gaped at the name. Nick Thompson. I even liked his name. I watched his pants go up to the altar, step, step, movement movement. Drool.
I snapped out of it as my father looked at me strangely. At the front of the church, I saw the Thompson family circle around the podium, and begin to recite, first alone, then joined by the entire congregation. Nick looked queasy, I noticed, as his hopefully soft lips formed the words in the distance. I watched him finish the prayer, and sighed. Back to the priest. <br><br> But, as his family went to leave, Nick didn't move. In the distance, I saw him quake, and shake, as if he was about to explode. He opened his mouth, and a strange moan floated out, and across the room. I sat up, again attentive.
Nick gripped the podium, and leaned his head against his surface. With a sudden lurch, he straightened quickly, and screamed out across the audience. "You don't even accept me! I can't believe this if you won't even accept me."

With that, he tore from the altar, sprinting down the aisle and out of the church. Without thinking, I leapt up, and walked after him. Following him, I jogged outside, where the snow rained down in flurries. No one followed.
I found him leaning against the wall, shaking with tears. His back was too me, so I had another fine view of his beautiful pants. I froze for a moment, and then shook back to conciousness. I called out.
"Hey, you all right?" He turned and glared at me, his eyes red from crying. I slowly walked up to him, and placed my hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry, it's ok. You'll be all right."
 He sobbed loudly and fell into my arms, his face sobbing onto my shoulder. I put my arms tightly around his body, his hard, muscular body pressing against mine. His tears fell onto my shoulder, and I stroked his back. He pulled his head away for a moment, and looked at me. Our nose practically touched. "Are you..." He twisted his head a little. I laughed and nodded.
"Yes, I'm gay." He grinned a little, and fell into my arms again, though, this time not sobbing. I felt him slowly rub his hand down my back, and I chortled in confusion. This had never happened to me before.
I pulled my own head away, and he looked up. Without waiting, I aimed my lips for his, attaching my mouth to his own and kissing him long and hard. He kissed back, and I slowly slipped my hand down, and rubbed his upper leg. I could feel him moaning slightly in my tongue, which was now deep in his mouth, caressing his own. I felt him push his fingers against the rim of my pants, and slowly slip down, and inside, running along my leg.
I ran my hand through his hair as I pushed him against the wall, slowly unbuttoning his shirt with my hand, and stroking his hair with the other. His own tongue forced its way into my mouth, and I moaned as he had moments before. His hand pulled on my tucked in shirttails, forcing them out of my pants. And, in a singular moment, we both remembered we were outside, in front of a church.
"Perhaps," I said, and kissed him softly, "We should find...another place to do this."
He grinned, and grabbed my tie. Pulling me into the parking lot, we ran past, and into a yard. I laughed loudly, pulled open the door to an abandoned shed, and stepped inside, ready for everything, and hopefully, anything.
He followed.
We stumbled into the shed, the room almost black around us. A small window filtered enough light to see into the room, and I tore a path past a lawnmower and piles of tools, making my way to a table at the back of the small shack. I turned quickly, and grinned.

"This all right?" he asked, quizzically. I nodded slightly, and dove at him again, our lips meeting mid air. I put my arms around his back, and slowly backed up, into the table. Hopping up onto it, but being sure not to let our lips part, I finally reached down to finished unbuttoned his shirt. He hands fumbled about my chest a bit, and then froze, as his soft tongue plunged into my mouth. His hands fell to my pants, and began to wrestle with the belt. It came loose, and he ripped the button out, frantically tearing at my pants. Following suit, I gave up on the lower buttons of his shirt, and ripped it off, exposing his tightly fitting undershirt beneath. He lifted his lips away from mine for a moment, and raised his arms. I pulled the shirt up, and off. His beautiful body finally shone out, uncovered, in the darkening light.

My earlier presumption had been right. His torso was bronze and tight, his chest muscular. My hands brushed his nipples, which were stiff in the cold air. He fumbled with my zipper, and then looked up at me. A single eyebrow lifted in question. I grinned, and he tore my pants off altogether. I looked beneath, where my red plaid boxers shone through. I giggled, and he started at my shirt with one hand, rubbing my thigh with the other. I began to tear at his belt as well.

Finally, we both stood in our underwear, him wearing adorable tighty- whiteys that hugged his butt just as the pants had before. I drooled momentarily, and then suddenly realized that those hip huggers were mine for the taking. Before I could strip this bronze god further, he dove at me again, our lips locking once more. I fell back onto the cold table, which was annoyingly covered in saw dust. He jumped on top of me, and we rolled a bit, back and forth, on the table, him shoving his tongue deeper and deeper into my mouth, interlocking it with mine, and massaging my gums seductively. Our naked bodies pressed together in the cold, heat between our intertwined legs and arms.

We stopped rolling, and he straddled me, shoving his tongue deeper, probing ever inch of my awaiting mouth. I rubbed my hand down his smooth back, to the rim of his tight-whiteys, and slipped it inside. I slowly massaged his butt with my hand, him moaning loudly into my mouth. I placed my other hand on the back of his head, in his dirty-blonde hair, and pushed his lips harder against mine. His body pushed against mine, and I shivered in ecstacy. Moments later, he pulled away.

"Wha...what happened?" I asked, confused about why the pleasure had ended. But, grinning widely at me, he began to move down my body, kissing my chest, then my stomach, then along the rim of my boxers. He slowly pulled the rim down an inch, and ran his tongue along the edge. I moaned loudly, and he pulled it down further, exciting me beyond belief. I reached down and rubbed his head, and he pulled the boxers off completely. Licking his lips with an adorable glimmer of evil in his eyes, he decended below.