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Quotes For LotR
Tolkien Fanfiction

"I see Dead People" -Aragorn (the 6th sense)

"[to Aragorn] Shall we shag now or shag later?" -Eowyn (Austin Powers)

"[at the Pelennor Fields] Anybody else want to negotiate?" -Aragorn (The 5th Element)

"Flowing down the river..." -Boromir (Home Improvement)

"[about Frodo] I shall call him...Mini Me!" -Gandalf (Austin Powers)

"If I die, I shall die well dressed" -Boromir (The Patriot)

"Kill them? No. I'll put them in a highly escapable situation involving Sharks" -Sauron (Austin Powers)

"Elf, the other white meat" -Sauron (a game I downloaded called Elf Bowling II)

"[to Arwen] Bring it on!" -Eowyn (Bring It On)

"No one here is exactly who he appears" -Aragorn (Babylon 5)

"[about Nazgul] Lets nuke 'em! Nuke 'em now!" -Boromir (Mars Attacks)

"Do I look like I was born yesterday or something?" -Elrond

"[to Barliman] You sold me queer horses!" -Merry (Gladiator-in the movie it's 'queer giraffes' actually)

"Don't worry, my dad likes you. Don't you, daddy?" -Arwen (Meet the Parents)

"[to Saruman] You stole my mojo!" -Gandalf (Austin Powers)

"[at the Council of Elrond] What's with all the weird names?" -Sam (X-Men)

"[at Galadriel's mirror] Mirror, Mirror on the wall...who's the fairest of them all?!?!" -Frodo (you all know where this comes from :)

"[to Boromir about the ring] I'll never let go" -Frodo (Titanic)

"You call that a knife? THIS is a knife!" -Gimli, as he pulls out his ax (c. Dundee)

"[to Bombadil] Why don't you get a job" -the Hobbits (Offspring)

"A dog is a fine meal" -Orcs (The Patriot)

"No, I don't work with Santa's Elves" -Legolas (The Claus)

"Why is everyone trying to kill me today?" -Frodo (The Rock)

"[to Balrog] You jump, I jump...right?" -Gandalf (Titanic)

"[to Gandalf] If you go to Zha'ha'dum you will die" -Elrond (Babylon 5-only B5 fans will get that one in it's entirety I guess)

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go..." -Orcs (Snow White...yes I DID watch that when I was little! lol)