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Tolkien Fanfiction

Follow these guidelines to submit Tolkien fic to be posted here

1. The link below is the only one to be used for story submissions. Do not use any other mail link for story submissions. Use the subject line "Fanfic Submission" for all submissions, whether you are a new author or not.
2. All work must be Tolkien-related. (Exception: If you are an author who already has Tolkien-fic up, you may send in original stories.)
3. Fic must be written either as poetry or as a narrative. Other styles are no longer accepted.
4.  Before sending in, if possible, use a spell/grammar check and have someone edit your work. I reserve the right to reject a story that demonstrates poor spelling and grammar. Also, please send in your story as an attachment, using Arial font, size 12, if possible. This makes uploading much easier on me, and much faster for you.
5.  All stories must be in English, or have an English translation available.
6. First time-submitters, please choose an author name and add a few sentences about yourself. Note that your email will be available to the public, for reviewing purposes. Use this form when sending in a story:
Rating: (If I don't agree, I will inform you before we make any definite changes. Ratings are based on the MPAA guidelines.)
7. Stories may not show up right away. Please, no harrassing e-mails^_^
8. Start submitting!